What is Content Marketing Anyway?

When I tell people what I do, I see it in their faces. "Content marketing? Sounds like BS to me..." 

Content Marketing is a new term that many aren't familiar with, which is why I more frequently use the term "Digital marketing".

But there is a time and a place for using "Content Marketing" instead, and I'm going to attempt to define it to try and reduce the number of WTF faces I receive ;P

Here's a - somewhat whimsical - scenario to help me explain content marketing to you. I'm a big fan of whimsy, so please bear with me and I hope it makes sense.

Imagine this...


You're a small-medium sized business selling Super Yummy Magic Cakes. (Don't worry about what they are, just know that they're AMAZING and that unicorns are involved.)

As Super Yummy Magic Cakes CEO, you want to use the power of the Internet to grow your business and sell more Super Yummy Magic Cakes.

You want a website that brings you lots of relevant traffic - Super Yummy Magic Cakes eaters - and you want your website to have the right messaging on it, so that you explain exactly why your Super Yummy Magic Cakes are so good. You want a mailing list to connect and keep in touch with your website visitors. You want to send these loyal customers email newsletters whenever new flavours are released, when you're running a sale or over Christmas - when Super Yummy Magic Cakes sell fast. 

And you want your website visitors to take the right action on your site - to buy more cakes!

You might want a video on YouTube that shows your customers how your Super Yummy Magic Cakes are made, or a podcast that talks about all kinds of cakes and unicorn-related things. You could publish an eBook with some cake recipes in it. Or how about a blog post that showed how little Janet got a Super Yummy Magical Cake for her 1st birthday and she cried with joy? #cutenessoverload

Oh and then of course there is social media. There is SO much you can do with Super Yummy Magic Cakes on social media! Competitions, Insta-stories, Pinterest recipe boards... you can get Super Yummy Magic Cakes in front of tonnes of hungry people in a really cool way.

Content is King

Heard that before? It's a giant cliché in marketing, that's for sure. What we in the industry call "content" (that's the word that usually confuses people) simply means media that sits on your website - or elsewhere online. Sometimes it's offline, too. It might be as simple as your About page or your blog posts, or it might be more interactive; video, quizzes, podcasts, a contest, newsletters, eBooks and so forth.

And the beautiful thing is, that all of this "content" not only entertains, inspires, convinces and causes your customers to fall in love with you, it also helps Google to learn that you're an authority in Magic Cakes.

And henceforth, you'll start ranking better in the search results when people search for what you're selling!

This is what Content Marketing is

It's marketing - but it's the FUN kind. And Google likes it because your customer likes it. Your customer likes it because it's useful or entertaining. And you and I like it because it's FUN.

It's what encourages your fans to become loyal Super Yummy Magic Cakes customers (and it's what makes you more $).

But where do you start?

It can all seem rather overwhelming, can't it? How do you know where to start with content marketing or where to focus your efforts? And how on earth are you going to find the time (and budget) to do it all?

content marketing.jpg


That's where I step in.

The simple answer is, you DON'T do it all.

  • First, you start with narrowing down your ideal customer or client. The one that needs barely any persuasion to buy your unicorn cakes because they already love both unicorns and cake.
  • Then you find out where they hang out (online and offline) and how they like to be communicated to.
  • Next you might do some competitive research.
  • And then you figure out your goals and vision. 

Using all that information (I've over-simplified it but that's the gist), you decide how you can economically and efficiently achieve the best results with your marketing.

It's called a content marketing strategy and it's the important groundwork that ensures you'll be #winning when it comes to creating content for your product or service.

I can also help you to create that content, if that sounds helpful.

And who am I?

I've been working in digital marketing since early 2010. And I LOVE it. I started my career in writing and marketing at the EU, and then moved into digital publishing. This background has served me well.

I've built websites, published eBooks, created Apple-featured apps, made and sold a WordPress theme, published a digital magazine, created video courses and worked with hundreds of authors, coaches, medical professionals and small business owners on both their content marketing and biz growth strategies and implementation.

I have a very logical brain and a wide ranging knowledge of digital technology,  publishing and social media. I'm also a writer - I've self-published 7 books and used to be the Editor at a writing magazine.

🤓 This means I'm a huge geek!

What it also means is that once I've understood your business, your customer and your goals, I can plan a really great marketing strategy for you. It might be really low key and simple or it might be big budget and grandiose. Every business is different.

What it will be is effective in gaining and retaining you new business. Yay!

That was a lot of info, wasn't it?

To recap, content marketing will help you to:

  • Drive AWARENESS to what you offer
  • Attract the RIGHT clients / customers
  • Communicate exactly what it is you do / sell and why you're special
  • Grow your organic traffic - by ranking for the right keywords & making Google very happy
  • Build a community of loyal clients / customers - because community is GOOD
  • Position you as an expert in your field - yes Ma'am!
  • Ensure clients / customers are updated with your latest offerings - sale after sale after sale
  • Automate parts of your business - cocktails by the pool, anyone?
  • & much more.Ultimately, I work with you to build an authentic & sustainable business that brings you clients and that you're excited about running every. damn. day!

Want to chat more? I'd be happy to hear from you. I work on huge projects and iddy biddy projects. I love working with individuals as much as big corporations. So get in touch and tell me about YOU. I sort of hope that you sell Super Yummy Magic Cakes, but even if you don't I look forward to your email! laura[@]peptalking.[co.uk] XO