13 *Free* Tools I Use to Create Great Content Marketing Assets

Whilst grandiose, big-budget marketing campaigns can pack a punch, pared back and simple content production is entirely possible and effective. 

For clients with a more modest content budget, I have a range of tools in my arsenal. Below are some of my favourites!

I use this desktop app to analyse my copy and ensure that it's as clear and comprehensible as possible. Because there's an art to distilling complex information for your readers.

Great for the research stage of a strategy, Buzzsumo helps to quickly identify what content is working well in an industry or topic and who the major influencers in it are. It's a premium service but the free version is a good place to get started. 

Without the need for Photoshop or top design skills, Canva allows anyone to create good design materials including eBook covers, posters, flyers and images for social media (see below for an example!)

free tools content marketing


High quality images are an integral part of most forms of content. We're visual creatures! Unsplash offers up thousands of royalty-free, attribution-free images that don't look like cheezy stock photos. 

Quizzes and surveys are great content marketing mediums, and Typeform makes the creation and publishing process both quick and beautiful.

This is great for keyword research, or in simpler terms, identifying topics that "the public" are interested in. An automated version of Google's autocomplete function, ATP identifies potential topics for content by displaying the results of the most common searches using or related to your keyword. Results are then displayed in a handy spider diagram (see below) as well as in other visual forms. 

answer the public content marketing

The name is self explanatory - just add in a few nouns to describe what you'd like to write about, and this nifty tool will give you "a week's worth of relevant blog post titles".

Your "headlines" for blogposts, email subject lines, YouTube video names and other content need to be attention-grabbing. You can use this free tool from CoSchedule to tweak a headline until it gets the highly "clickable" score you need.

If you're creating a piece of visual content but are feeling artistically stifled, this is a great tool to get some ideas for your vision board.

designspiration content marketing


If you've got a Google AdWords account, inside your account there is a keyword research tool that allows you to find the best keywords to target for your Google ads. You can also use it to choose the best keywords to use in your content. 

With a Keyword.io account you can find the best keywords to strengthen your blog posts or website content. 

With a free account, SEMRush allows you to search keywords, understand how they rank and find other sites that rank for those keywords. The premium features are obviously better, but a free account will get you started and is good for smaller projects.

facebook audience insights


This one is for anyone with an active and engaged Facebook Page.

Facebook knows a lot about its users - an awful lot! Since your Facebook Page 'likes' are your target customers, you can use these insights to create fantastic content ideas.

Accessed through your Ads Manager, this tool supplies both demographic and behavioural data such as age, gender, location, interests, how often they use FB and when, using what device, purchasing activity, relationship status... and more. And get this, you can view this even if you're not advertising to them!

Using the 'Interests' section, you can brainstorm content on topics that will be attractive to your target customer. This needs to be part of a wider strategy, but when employed correctly it can be very effective.

And there you have it - 13 of many free tools available out there to create great, effective content. Got any questions? I'd love to hear from you.