Attending the BAFTAs 2018!

My very talented husband is a BAFTA member, one of the big perks of which is the chance to attend the awards!

Walking the red carpet, free-flowing champagne, dancing ‘til all hours at the after-party… we definitely took advantage of the Grandparents looking after our little man for the night.

bafta red carpet

We walked the red carpet outside the Royal Albert Hall, a surreal experience. Fans had lined up to meet and snap their favourite celebs and the paparazzi were everywhere.

The paps didn't seem that interested in us though, not sure why? ;p

Next up was the champagne reception, from which we could see the dress rehearsal happening on the stage below us. The Royal Albert Hall is just sensational! I was really impressed with how stunning it is both inside and out.

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After taking our seats, we were treated to a welcome from the host Joanna Lumley, stood for the arrival of the royal couple and then watched a heart-in-mouth performance from Cirque de Soleil. 

99% of female attendees were wearing black, in solidarity with the TimesUp and MeToo movements. It was a subtle yet powerful statement, and I really enjoyed "dress-watching" - there was an enormous amount of variety for a single dress colour. 

My personal ceremony highlights were Salma Hayek's cheeky jokes, Daniel Kaluuya's Rising Star Award acceptance speech and Joanna Lumley's general presence. I bloody love that woman.

After the ceremony we took a coach to Grosvenor House for dinner... a 2000 person dinner!


We enjoyed gorgeous food, great company, drank yet more tipples and wound up with coffee and Hotel Chocolat petit fours - giving us just the energy we needed to hit the dance floor...


We also got the chance to pose for a legit photographer. He said things like 'Now work with the camera, play to the lens'. This meant nothing to me, but I enjoyed my 15 seconds of modelling!


Some lasting thoughts from the experience...

1. I have a renewed appreciation for the 'behind the scenes' film makers and the amount of sheer graft that goes on outside of writing, acting and producing. I didn't grow up in a film-mad world (my childhood featured books rather than screens) and have only come to appreciate the huge efforts that go into making a film in my adult life. Many of the awards presented are not televised, but sound production, editing, make up and more were all honoured on the night.

2. From conversations we had with our fellow diners and a lady we met from the Oscars, it seems that the film industry is increasingly interested in collaborating with more interactive forms of media such as AR and VR. This of course thrilled Brandon, who works in the gaming industry, and it's great to see that BAFTA is recognising video games as a legitimate form of entertainment.

3. Finally, the female uprising to end gender disparity was visceral on many levels. It was incredible to witness an awards ceremony just a few months after the Weinstein abuse stories came to light. Many of the presenters and award winners referenced equality in one way or another, and the dress 'Black Out' was a constant visual reminder of the sisterhood. The aftershocks of the scandal are still very much being felt, but enough time has passed for the emotions to be put to one side slightly making room for more practical actions. Many British entertainment organisations - including BAFTA - have also recently drawn up new guidelines and principles for handling harassment claims. And, on a more subtle level, there was an air of feminine power throughout the night with female presenters tending to speak more than their male counterparts, men wearing TimesUp badges and the first female solo host of the awards. 

We danced until our feet hurt at 2am, leaving the rest of the guests to party on - to the beats of a female DJ. What a fabulous performance all-round, well done EEBAFTAs!

BAFTAs 2018
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